The Hot Questions about Hot Water!

Hot water is an essential requirement in most cities to complete daily chores like bathing, showering, washing clothes, and doing dishes. Life can get harder with only cold water coming out of your faucets. Installing a hot water system in your house, thus, is very important. But if you have ever tried shopping for one, you know it can get overwhelming with the various varieties, features, capacities, and price points. Having a guide to help you sort through all the options and find the most ideal hot water system is essential.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best hot water system for your home. 

#1- What is Your Water Requirement?

Understanding the water usage in your home can significantly help in slashing down your options to a few. A person typically uses 50 litres of hot water, but it can vary depending on the shower time and frequency of dishwasher and washing machine usage. You may also want to add in the usage spike during the winter. Calculate the total hot water required by multiplying it by the total number of people in your house. This will give you the capacity of the hot water tank you need for the bathroom renovation companies near you to install. 

#2- Which Type of Hot Water System are You Looking for?

  • Electric: These are the most common water heating systems. These are also very easy to install by hot water heater installation plumbers. They are also affordable. However, you might have a hefty electricity bill to pay later.
  • Gas: The other most common water heating systems are gas types. They are also affordable and easy to install if you have a natural gas connection to your home. Since the price of natural gas is low, you don’t have to worry about the increasing costs of installing these.
  • Heat pump: These pumps are optimal to install in hot climates but need a boost with gas or electricity on colder days. While these are pretty expensive than the gas and electric options, you can get government incentives for them. However, you need to install them outside, and they tend to be noisy.
  • Solar: These are the most cost-efficient options in the long term but are also the most expensive to install. They do not require gas or electricity at all.

#3- Tankless or Tanked?

The final question is whether you need a tanked or a tankless w

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