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“I honestly feel Kingstree Plumbing is the service you deserve. I have full confidence in my work, and truly believe that quality of service is the important thing. I give great personal service and treat my customers as if they’re family.” Darren Kingstree

Hot Water Tank Plumbing Services

Hot Water Heater Repair & InstallationAre You Looking for a New Hot Water Heater or Do You Need Your Water Heater Repaired? We Can Help You With That!

We’ve probably all heard OF hot water heaters, but many of us wouldn’t know what they are, how they work, or if they’re working properly. Unfortunately this can be the reason they fall into disrepair. And unless you like cold showers, you’re really going to suffer if your hot water heater fails.

Is Your Hot Water Heater Showing Warning Signs that it Might Fail Soon?

Leaking around the bottom, rusty looking water, loud banging or rumbling noises, and a lack of hot water are all signs that your hot water heater needs repair or is nearing the end of its life. You can avoid a hot water heater problem by checking on it regularly and getting maintenance if it starts acting strange.

Want to find out what’s going on with your hot water heater? Let us come out to have a look so we can tell you. Our plumbing pros give you options for new water heaters along with their experience and expertise.

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Darren Kingstree…

who has been out to our house a number of times… is always meticulous with his work and always extremely pleasant and courteous and so easy to work with!!” Another Homeowner commented “Darren is really helpful and he did a good job . He went beyond my expectations.”

Darren started working with one of Edmonton’s major plumbing firms when he first moved to Canada (from England). The great thing about it was being exposed to any plumbing situation possible in both residential and commercial; learning from some of the best in the industry.

Gail and Noland

Kingstree Plumbing is quickly growing and with top tier plumbing services, you can expect to be treated like you are the elite. All employees are drug-tested, police checked, and held to the highest standards. From the moment you realize you need a plumber, to waving good bye, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with the same care and attention you give to the important things in your life.

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