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Are you planning a fun, stress-free vacation with your entire family? Most people enjoy going out for a family holiday, leaving all the stress of regular life behind. However, some also return to the horror of finding their house flooded because of some plumbing emergency they did not see coming. Whether you are going to the beach for the summer or skiing in the winter, you should always ensure there are no plumbing surprises to greet you upon your return.

Here is your complete pre-vacation plumbing checklist to keep plumbing issues at bay while you’re out sunning yourselves!

#1- Turn Off Your Water Supply: Water pipelines often burst and cause water leakage. In the worst case, your house may even get flooded if the leakage is not repaired in time. To ensure this does not happen, turn off the main water supply to your house. It is the simplest and quickest way to prevent unwanted water from entering your home when you are away. If you find a burst pipe before you leave, contact water leak detection and repair near you to get it taken care of immediately.

#2- Turn Off Your Water Heater: Next thing you want to do is turn off your water heater and drain it out. Since most water heaters work on electricity or gas, you will be wasting energy and increasing your utility bills. It is also critical to switch off your water heaters before you leave because if there is a water shortage and your water heater tank does not fill up, it will still heat the air inside it and potentially cause an explosion. Contact plumbing professionals near you to check for potential leaks.

#3- Drain Outdoor Water Connections: Outdoor connections like faucets, lawn watering systems and hoses often go unnoticed while we are busy packing for a memorable trip. Make sure you turn them off and drain out any air that could cause leakages while you’re away. If you are not sure how to check your lawn watering system, contact residential plumbers near you to do it for you.

#4- Clean Your Drains: We often don’t pay attention to our draining systems, which may be clogged. Pre-vacation maintenance is an excellent chance to call a drain cleaning service near you and clear the passage for wastewater.

#5- Schedule an Inspection: The best thing you can do to relax on your vacation completely is to get a thorough inspection of your plumbing systems. If there are any leakages, your plumber will do the water leak repair. This way, you can be entirely stress-free on your getaway.

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