Prevent major water damage with a water leak sensor

Wouldn’t it be great to get notified of a water leak before it caused major damage? Even small leaks can create big problems. A leaky tap can lead to costly utility bills, but that’s nothing compared to how much a flooded basement will set you back. Insurance companies will tell you that most claims are water-related so do yourself a favour and pick up a water leak sensor.

What is a Water Leak Sensor?

Water leak sensors are relatively new on the market. They haven’t been around as long as water heaters or refrigerators. They came about with the arrival of computer rooms. Computers used to be huge, expensive beasts that had their own room. Since electronics are vulnerable to water, these rooms needed to be dry. There needed to be a way to detect leaks so that they could be fixed as soon as possible.

Types of Water Leak Sensors Available Today

The first models were pretty basic. They sat on the floor and sounded an alarm when they got wet. There were also ones that used cables to detect water. These could be installed in patterns on the floor or attached directly to water pipes.

Those types still exist today, and you can get a simple and adorable “Leak Bug” water detector for about $15 off Amazon. It sits on the floor and has an ear-piercing alarm if it detects water. But with the growing trend in “smart home” technology, now you can get a really cool, high-tech, wifi-connected water leak sensor.

It’s amazing that 30 years ago we hadn’t even heard of the internet, and now we’ve got thermostats, lights, and even stoves that we control from apps on our phones. What’s more impressive is that some of these “connected” water leak sensors can even detect temperature and humidity!

Where to Put Water Leak Sensors

Every building that has plumbing should have a water leak sensor. Not just in Edmonton, but everywhere. They’re essential in commercial buildings where there are a lot of electronics. Museums, libraries, and galleries are all places that should be kept dry.

Some common places to have water leak sensors in commercial buildings are near drain pipes, under vending machines, near dehumidifiers, and in boiler rooms.

For residential use, here are some of the best places to put water leak sensors:

  • At the lowest point of your basement
  • In the laundry room
  • Next to toilets
  • Under sinks
  • Under your refrigerator
  • Under your dishwasher
  • Underwater heaters
  • Near sump pumps

That sounds like a lot of water leak sensors, but you can get products that come with a central hub and at least three or four sensors. If you need more sensors, you can buy them individually.

What’s the Best Water Leak Sensor for my Needs?

New water leak sensors come on the market all the time, so it can be hard to figure out which one to buy. Knowing which one is best for your needs takes a little bit of research.

Your basic requirements are that they need to be discreet, unobtrusive, and sturdy enough to get wet and dirty and last a long time. Then you have added features like temperature and humidity sensors, wifi capabilities, alerts sent to your phone, etc.

The Wirecutter website has a great article where it recommends smart water leak sensors after testing them. You can check out the article here.

Call Kingstree Plumbing for all your Plumbing Needs

Water leak detectors are great. They will tell you that water is present when it should be dry. The only problem is that they won’t tell you exactly where water is leaking from. Sometimes you will find a leak in a pipe or washing machine hose. Sometimes you could search and search and never figure out where the water is coming from.

If that’s the case, that’s when you should call a plumber to help find the leak and fix the problem before it becomes a disaster.

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