Why Softeners are worth the money!

In all of Canada, the hardest water you’ll find is in the prairies, and Edmonton is no exception. In case you were wondering, ‘hard water’ means that the water that runs through your home or business has a high content of dissolved minerals in it, like calcium and magnesium. In some places, water can contain aluminum, iron, zinc, barium, and manganese. These minerals can cause all kinds of problems. In industrial settings, water hardness is monitored and adjustments are made to soften it when needed.

In homes, hard water is less of a problem and can actually be good for your health because of the extra calcium and magnesium you can obtain by drinking it. That said, Edmonton has moderately hard water at 6 grains of dissolved minerals per gallon, and if you have calcium or magnesium deficiency you would be better off taking a supplement instead.

If you’re not from Edmonton, you can find out how hard your water is by checking this webpage, Water Hardness in Canada.

The Benefits of Having a Water Softener

In order to soften your water, there is an easy fix! It’s called a water softener, and here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you have one installed in your home or business.

Your clothes will be softer and brighter! The minerals in hard water get stuck between the threads in the fabric, making it stiff. To combat this, many people use fabric softener, which chemically softens clothes.

Hard water mineral buildup on clothes can make them look dull and dingy after a while, so if you have softer water, your clothes’ colours will stay true longer.

Your hair and skin love soft water! If you’ve ever stayed in Vancouver, you might have noticed how great your hair and skin feel after washing. Their water has 0.3 grains of minerals per gallon, and you don’t have to use as much soap to get a nice, rich lather. This means that more of your natural oils are left on your skin, which is what makes it feel soft and healthy.

Another reason your hair and skin feel so nice is that when the minerals in hard water react with the chemicals in your soap, a thin layer of soap curd forms on your skin. Not only does this make your skin and hair feel sticky and look dull, but it can also cause skin infections by trapping bacteria.

Everything you clean using water, like dishes, mirrors, shower doors, tiles, cars, plumbing fixtures, etc., will look cleaner and shinier! The same chemical reaction that happens when you clean your hair and body happens when you clean your house and leaves a scummy residue on everything the water touches.

When you have soft water, no scum forms, and everything you clean will actually look clean! Imagine that!

Your appliances will last longer! There are SO MANY appliances in your home that use water: your coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, humidifier, and kettles. These appliances benefit from switching to hard water. The calcium and magnesium particles in hard water can damage the things they rub against or collect on, which can make them malfunction or break.

Your pipes won’t clog or corrode because of hard water! Hard water causes pipes to corrode or clog, causing leaks or low water pressure. These problems take a while to appear because the minerals build up slowly over time, but if you can see flaky residue on the edges and insides of your faucets, you can just imagine what kind of shape the insides of your pipes are in.

water softener installation

Want to Get a Water Softener? We Can Help You With That!

If you’re looking to get a water softener installed, we can give you a recommendation. Once you’ve decided, we can help you install it in your home or business. Start enjoying the benefits of softened water now.

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