Preparing For House Guests?

The holiday season is upon us. Your house will be filled with families, friends, and kids. While you may be prepared in every other way, most people forget to check how their drains will hold up. Your drains will be under more pressure due to continuous and increased usage. Not to mention you can expect a lot of things to be flushed down the drain. Nonetheless, preparing your drain before you host parties for the year is much better than calling a 24-hour emergency plumbing service near you in the middle of the night.

Here are some drain maintenance tips to prepare for house guests with drain cleaning in Sherwood Park!

Tip #1- Cover Your Drains: Multiple things can go down your drains and clog them, whether it is the hair and other items flushed in the bathroom or vegetable peels and food particles in the kitchen sink. Clogging of channels can cause several other issues, like wastewater backing up. Install drain covers to prevent large substances from flushing down and blocking the passage for sewage.

Tip #2- Take Care of the Garbage Disposal: Since it’s the holiday season, there will be much more cooking. Your guests are likely to put things into the garbage disposal that they should not, breaking the appliance down. Ensure that materials like coffee beans, fibrous vegetables, and bones are not going in your garbage disposal. Repairing will cost you a significant amount of money. Moreover, you will have more work on your hand while you are supposed to enjoy the gathering, even with a plumber in Sherwood Park present. Place a garbage bin next to the garbage disposal and ask everyone to throw things in the bin that do not belong in the disposal machine.

Tip #3- Clean Your Drains in Advance: It is best to call drain cleaning services to get your drains cleaned a week before your guests arrive. This will ensure nothing gets clogged in them when there is a sudden rise in usage. Remember, blocked drains will collect wastewater in them, which can attract pests and also give out unpleasant odours, making your home unwelcoming.

Tip #4- Antifreeze Your Pipes: If your location experiences severe drops in temperature to the point where your pipes and drains freeze, you should contact residential plumbers near you to prevent it. It can be annoying to finally get the strength to shower and not get any water from the pipes. Frozen wastewater in drains can cause them to burst as it expands, creating more severe problems for you. So don’t overlook it. 

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