Your roof and plumbing system keep your home safe and protected

Like a fish tank where all of the systems work together to keep the fish healthy, your home’s systems work together to keep the house in perfect working order. And also like a fish tank, if one thing goes wrong, the whole environment is affected. In this case, we’re going to tell you about how your roof and your plumbing work together to keep your home safe and protected against problems.

Roof Shape Affects Drainage

Your home’s roof is designed to allow rainwater to flow quickly and easily into your home’s drainage system. It starts with the shape of your roof. Yes, the whole system depends on what kind of roof you have because some roofs are better than others for allowing water to drain off them into your eaves troughs and water collection systems.

Simple roofs like hip roofs and shed-style roofs are a couple of the best for drainage because they don’t have any valleys where water can collect and pool. Homes with combination roofs, flat roofs, and lots of add-ons like skylights, windows, and chimneys, can also prevent water from draining properly.

You can read more about the different types of roofs and their water-draining abilities here.

Good Roofing Material For Good Water Drainage

Some types of roofing material are better than others at allowing rain to flow into the eaves troughs and away from your home. No matter what the material, if it’s well maintained and in good condition, water should drain right off.

Asphalt shingles are the most common, and when it comes to water drainage, keeping them in good shape is a big part of a well-functioning drainage system.

If your shingles are in rough shape, you could experience leaks, ice dams, roof rot, or mould! Here are some signs that your shingles need to be replaced.

Directing the Flow of Water with Your Eaves Troughs

Roof shape and shingles are definitely important for getting water off your roof, but that water needs to go somewhere! That’s why your eaves troughs are so important.

Your eaves troughs need to collect the water and direct it somewhere that it won’t damage your home or the areas around it, like your neighbours. Ideally, your rainwater runoff will drain away from your home and into the municipal water system. If your downspout is too close to your home, your plumbing system can get overloaded and cause flooding!

Flooding is caused when the drains and pipes in your home suddenly get filled with water, and if you don’t have a sump pump, or it’s not working properly, the water won’t get pumped out into the main drain lines for your neighbourhood. Instead, it can back up and flow into your basement, which can be a nightmare.

If you do have a sump pump, the water is collected and then piped out of the home and into the local water system.

A backwater valve is also a great idea for preventing flooding. It stops water from coming back out of your pipes and drains and luckily most homes that were built in the past 20 to 30 years have them.

Roofing and plumbing work together to prevent water damage.

Your Roof and Plumbing Work Together

You may not have thought about it before, but hopefully, now you know that your roofing and your plumbing work together to keep your home safe and dry–from your roof type to your sump pump–it’s all connected.

Is your roof properly draining water? Call a licenced roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damage and help you with repairs or replacement.

If you’re concerned about your home’s plumbing, Kingstree Plumbing’s emergency plumbers can help you get your system in great shape so you won’t have to worry about flooding, leaking, or other problems that can damage your home.

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It’s our goal to ensure you have an operational plumbing system you can always rely on, regardless of the issues you may experience.

Our professional plumbers offer only quality services to you, helping you keep your plumbing systems in good operating condition with efficient repairs and replacements when necessary.

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