Getting Rid Of Grease And Grim.

Stubborn clogs can be extremely annoying to deal with. Clogs are primarily caused due to grease buildup and can be a nuisance to clear out. Food particles can also cause blockages and prevent wastewater from flowing. These, if not quickly corrected, can also cause other problems in the channel. While you can call drain cleaning in Sherwood Park to remove the clogs in your kitchen sinks, there are some DIY methods to unclog the drains if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Here are some ways to release the grease and unclog your kitchen sink before dialling a 24-hour emergency plumbing service near you.

#1- Use a Plunger: The most common method to unclog your kitchen sink almost everyone already knows is to use a plunger. When you push and release a plunger, the pressure it creates will remove stuck food particles, clearing the passage for food to pass. Remember to clean the surroundings before plunging, as water may splash on you. Moreover, keep the sink half-filled with warm water and do not begin plunging on a dry surface. You may need to repeat the process about twenty times until the food is completely dislodged.

#2- Try Professional Cleaning Solutions: You may need to use professional cleaning solutions if your clog is entirely due to grease and other fatty substances. The caustic soda in these cleaning solutions will melt the greasy substances and unclog any blockage. Most professional drain cleaning solutions will take an hour or more to work, depending on your clog. However, most people dislike these chemicals as they are toxic to the environment and can also damage pipelines. If you have a stubborn clog, it is best to call plumbing repair near you for expert help.

#3- Use a Hose: This is quite similar to hydro pressure cleaning, except you will not be using a high-pressure stream of water to unclog your drains. These hoses are thin and can easily enter your drains. Once it is inside, turn on the tap and keep it running for a few seconds. Turn it off again and repeat the process a few times to remove blockages.

#4- Use a Long Wire with Hook: Drains clogged due to hair and similar stuff can be quickly unclogged using a long wire with a hook. Insert the long wire into the drain and rotate it to catch hair and debris. You can also use an opened metal coat hanger for this purpose.

#5- Hot Water and Detergent: Many plumbers in Sherwood Park unclog drains with hot water and detergent solutions instead of using harsh chemicals. However, this method is not useful for fully clogged pipes.

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