Do Frost-Free Outdoor Taps Work in Canada?

Canada, undoubtedly, is one of the world’s coldest countries, and if you reside in a very cold area, you must take care of your plumbing system. The major area to look after in this situation is your outdoor faucet or hose bib, which may suffer severe damage in freezing weather. Turning off the valve and packing the hose isn’t enough, as the water in the pipe may still disrupt your home’s plumbing. That’s where frost-free outdoor taps help you! But the question is, “do frost-free faucets work in Canada?” Let’s find out!

What is a Frost Free Outdoor Faucet?
Typically, a frost-free outdoor faucet prevents water from freezing inside the pipe and protects your plumbing system from cold weather. These faucets may seem a little expensive, but considering their features and longevity over ordinary spigots, this price is justified.

In addition, frost-free outdoor faucets are resistant to cracking and expansion in the cold weather of Canada. Here are the top features of frost-free outdoor taps:

  • Extend deep into the home’s plumbing system to escape the frost.
  • Don’t let contaminated water go back into your home.
  • Minimize the risk of pipe bursting during freezing or snowy weather.

How Do Frost-Free Outdoor Taps Work?
The old hose bibs or faucets have a shut-off valve that’s present on the outer side. So, when the temperature drops, the water that sits behind this valve freezes, resulting in damage to the plumbing system.

Unlike ordinary faucets, a frost-free tap has a deep-seated valve that further extends into the water pipe, away from the frost. Moreover, there’s an anti-siphon assembly or vacuum that serves as a barrier and doesn’t allow hose water to return to the home’s water supply.
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Do Frost-Free Outdoor Taps Still Freeze?
If you buy high-quality frost-free outdoor taps, you will usually get complete protection from frost. However, you should know that it’s pretty impossible to give a 100% freeze-free guarantee.

Even if a frost-proof tap freezes, it’ll not cause as much damage as an ordinary tap, which makes them an ideal choice for many. However, just to be safe, you should turn off any water supply to these faucets and separate the garden hoses before the first frost.

Why is a Frost Free Outdoor Faucet Good for Canadian People?
Here are the reasons that make frost-free outdoor taps a good choice for Canadian people:

  • As Canada is one of the coldest countries, it experiences severely cold weather that is unbearable for ordinary outdoor hose bibs.
  • It prevents pipes from sudden bursts and the damage associated with frozen water inside faucets.
  • Don’t require much maintenance and have easy winterization.

These faucets work perfectly in Canada and keep your pipes safe from unpleasant consequences, including
bursts, leakages, and freezing.

Frost-free outdoor taps are convenient in Canadian weather as they keep your home’s water supply away from weather damage. Their installation is very easy; however, if you are unaware of the steps or don’t know much about plumbing, Kingstree Plumbing is here to help! We offer installation of all your utilities and other plumbing emergency services at very affordable rates. Our team is exceptional in their work and provides excellent services. So, don’t wait and contact us now to get your frost-free outdoor taps installed and have a smooth cold weather experience!

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