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“I honestly feel Kingstree Plumbing is the service you deserve. I have full confidence in my work, and truly believe that quality of service is the important thing. I give great personal service and treat my customers as if they’re family.” Darren Kingstree

St. Albert Plumbing Services

Water Plumbing, Hot Water Tanks and Furnace Heating Services and more in St Albert, Alberta.

Kingstree Plumbing offers professional plumbing services for your home or business in St Albert, Alberta.

We specialize in drain cleaning, whole home re-piping, sump pumps, bathroom renovations, hot water tanks, tankless water heaters, gas fitting services, sewage backups, humidifiers and water softeners.

Call us for anything plumbing related at 780-695-2792. We do everything from equipment sales to installation to repairs and maintenance!

Kingstree Plumbing is a fast growing home services provider where you can expect friendly service from experienced plumbers. If you live in St Albert, AB, contact Kingstree Plumbing for the best plumbing services.

Residential Plumbing Services In St Albert, AB

It’s possible to address some plumbing problems yourself, like unclogging a drain or fishing out jewelry from your sink, but most jobs are best left to the professionals. Put your mind at ease by calling Kingstree Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

Commercial Plumbing Services in St Albert, AB

When your business needs plumbing services, Kingstree Plumbing is there to help you with whatever you need. We even offer proactive maintenance plans that can help keep minor issues from becoming major problems.

Hot Water Tank Plumbing Services in St Albert, AB

Everyone uses hot water on a daily basis and it is really missed when it’s gone. Hot water heaters and tankless water heaters can break down and we can help you when they do. We’ll guide you through the process of buying a new one then we’ll help you install or maintain it. We’re also available in the case of an emergency.

Learn more about our Hot Water Tank services!

Sump Pumps Sales, Installation and Repair in St Albert, AB

A sump pump can save your home from flooding even if you don’t live in a high-risk area. Flooding damages can be very costly because you could have foundation damage, mold, lost or damaged valuables or more. Don’t let flooding be a problem: have us service or install a sump pump for you.

Learn more about our Sump Pump services!

Water Softener Sales and Installation in St Albert, AB

Instead of doing temporary fixes to the damage caused by St Albert’s hard water, maybe it’s time to get a water softener. It will get rid of dry, itchy skin and scummy tubs and sinks. Water softening systems can also prevent damage to your hot water heater.

Gas Fitting Services in St Albert, AB

It’s never a good idea to install or relocate a natural gas line. Natural gas is highly flammable and only trained professionals with proper tools and safety gear should work with it. Kingstree Plumbing will do an expert job every time.

Learn more about our Gas Fitting services!

Get A Humidifier For Whole-home Comfort in St Albert, AB

One of the essentials in Alberta for whole-home comfort is a humidifier. It will help keep your hardwood floors from cracking and they also help those who are sensitive to the St Albert’s area’s dry climate. Install a humidifier for a better home for just pennies a year.

Servicing the greater St. Albert & Sturgeon County area – we aim to become Alberta’s leading residential plumbing company!


Darren Kingstree…

who has been out to our house a number of times… is always meticulous with his work and always extremely pleasant and courteous and so easy to work with!!” Another Homeowner commented “Darren is really helpful and he did a good job . He went beyond my expectations.”

Darren started working with one of Edmonton’s major plumbing firms when he first moved to Canada (from England). The great thing about it was being exposed to any plumbing situation possible in both residential and commercial; learning from some of the best in the industry.

Gail and Noland

Kingstree Plumbing is quickly growing and with top tier plumbing services, you can expect to be treated like you are the elite. All employees are drug-tested, police checked, and held to the highest standards. From the moment you realize you need a plumber, to waving good bye, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with the same care and attention you give to the important things in your life.

Bringing you the Service you Deserve!

Servicing Homes and Businesses in St Albert, Alberta, Canada