Whole House Humidifier Installations in Alberta

Whole House Humidifiers

To Humidify, or Not to Humidify

Living in the city of Sherwood Park in Canada, you constantly deal with dry conditions. Dry skin, dry houses, and dry weather. The easy solution is a humidifier, but what kind do you get? Portable or Forced Air? Steam or Ultrasonic? Some people spend hundreds of dollars on portable home humidifiers. Many of which have poor energy efficiency, and leave the potential for burns and spills.

So, how do you decide? What is that tipping point?

Humidifiers: An Overview

Mountains and Dry Climate in AlbertaWell, let’s start with price. Portable humidifiers start as low as $30 but can run as high as several hundred, depending on model and size. Whole-House or Forced-Air humidifiers are a little more of an upfront investment, but the pricing is still comparable to the upper end pricing on portable humidifiers. The downside is you will need to hire a professional for installation. However when it comes down to long term costs the whole-house humidifiers out strips portables. Whole-House are far more energy efficient and can run for pennies a year and some municipalities even have rebate programs in place for energy efficient upgrades to your home.

Humidity levels, that’s the whole point right? Whole-house humidifiers will keep your entire home at the same humidity level. Portables can only be used in one room and levels are not controlled as reliably. Whole home humidifiers use the central air system in your house, which creates a more consistent environment room to room.

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep with that one noise that engrains itself in your subconsciousness. Portable humidifiers, specifically cold air, evaporative, and ultrasonic options. Whole home options typically are quieter than your furnace, and often placed in a utility room, away from the living and sleeping areas of your home.

So when it comes down to it whole home humidifiers are often the better option for homeowners, even though they will need a professional installation.