Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Burst Pipes/Leaks

    Water and mould do billions of dollars of damage every year. The average insurance claim for water damage is $6925 per household. We understand how serious a leak is, not only can we fix it but we can help you to avoid it happening again!

  • Sewage Backups/Drain Cleaning

    We are here to help with any blockages in your drains. Whether it’s a blocked sink/toilet or a deeper rooted problem, our vans are equipped with the latest technology to solve your problem the first time.

    With years of local experience and knowledge from our technicians, you get the reassurance the work will be carried out to the highest standard with service to match. An explanation of what caused the blockage and advice on how to maintain your drains, all backed by our guarantee.

  • No Hot Water?

    Whether you have a hot water tank, a tankless system, or even a boiler…when they fail, no one is having a hot shower! We can service, repair or replace any of your hot water units.

  • Sump Pump Failure

    The last thing you need is your sump pump to fail on you. It doesn’t always take a large amount of water to create a large amount of issues. If you can imagine, worst-case scenario, an inch of water through your basement…what is irreplaceable? Your family photos, your cherished sports memorabilia or just that favoured comfy chair! While insurance covers the cost of damages, it does not cover the inconvenience of a flood.

    We can come to your home in your time of need and provide you with a range of sump pumps with alarms and even phone message alerts.