St. Albert – Community City in Alberta

St. Albert is often thought of as just a suburb of Edmonton, but this beautiful city is home to some of the most exciting history and events in the Edmonton Area.

Father Lacombe Chapel

St. Albert is home to Alberta’s oldest building, the Father Lacombe Chapel on Mission Hill. Built in 1861 it was once the centre of a thriving Francophone-Cree Metis Community. Even a decade and a half later, St. Albert recognizes its cultural roots. Many of the road signs are published in Cree and French in addition to English. The First Nations of Treaty 6 made St. Albert’s Father Lacombe Chapel a common way point, helping found, grow, and develop the community. The Chapel has been restored and is open to the public. Along with the Musee Heritage Museum and Archives, St. Albert’s history is central even in today’s busy life.

St. Albert’s Farmers Market

The St. Albert Outdoor Farmers Market is the largest in Western Canada. Drawing vendors and visitors from all over, the market showcases everything from fresh, locally grown, organic produce to hand thrown pottery. Over 250 vendors sell home baked, home grown, or handmade products attracting up to 20,000 visitors every weekend.

St. Albert Public Library

St. Albert is also home to a rich and vibrant art scene. The St. Albert Public Library is proud to host the Writer in Residence program, designed to help local authors grown and blossom, supported by the community they support.

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of St. Albert hosts exhibits celebrating diversity and providing enriching visual culture and they have art classes for all age groups, to grow the love of art in their own communities. St. Albert is also home to the St. Albert Painters Guild, and a strong performing arts scene.

St. Albert has been nominated as Canada’s #1 Place to Live, Canada’s Healthiest Place to Live, #1 Best Place to Raise Kids, and is also Alberta’s safest community. With such diversity it’s easy to understand why. Kingstree Plumbing is excited to be a part of this wonderful community.

St. Albert Rural Community in Alberta

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