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5 Signs Your Water Softener Isn’t Working Properly

In Edmonton, we’re big fans of water softeners. Our prairie water is hard, meaning it has a high amount of minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium) in it. Hard water isn’t bad for our health, but life is a little brighter with a water softener. 5 Reasons Water Softeners are Good for Your Home But lately, […]

5 Home Water Problems and How to Fix Them

Does your water have a gross egg smell, a metallic taste, or particles floating in it? These problems and more can all affect your water supply. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, but sometimes your water system may need extra filtration, new appliances, or even a whole new plumbing system. In this article we tell you […]

Hot Water Tank Guide

  Introduction: Hot Water Tank or Heater Basics You might already know that down in the guts of your house, among the furnace, the sump pump, and your pipes that lead up into the walls, floors, and ceilings, there’s a machine in your utility room that heats water and pumps it through the house as […]

5 Signs that Your Boiler Needs Maintenance or Repairs

It’s a fact of life that appliances don’t last forever, and the average lifespan of your boiler is somewhere between 10 and 15 years. When it nears the end of it’s life, it may need some maintenance to keep it going a while longer until you’re ready to invest in a new one. In this […]

How Often Should I Service My Appliances?

As plumbers, we work with a few of your major household appliances. Washing machines, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and sump pumps all benefit from at-home maintenance, sometimes you need to call for service. This article will give you a good idea of when you should call the professionals to service your appliances. How Often Should […]

Summertime Sump Pump Maintenance

Lately Edmonton has gotten an extraordinary amount of rain. The Whitemud and Fort Road flooded, leaving cars floating in lakes where roads used to be. That kind of water has the potential to cause a lot of damage to homes or businesses, so having a working sump pump can be a life-saver. We’ve gotten a […]

Famous People from St. Albert

At Kingstree Plumbing, we’re not just St. Albert plumbers, we’re members of the communities in and around Edmonton. One of the communities we serve is St. Albert and we’re proud to share a fun blog with you about some of the amazing people who are from one of the best cities in Canada. Many notable […]