Does Your Boiler Need Maintenance or Repair

It’s a fact of life that appliances don’t last forever, and the average lifespan of your boiler is somewhere between 10 and 15 years. When it nears the end of its life, it may need some maintenance to keep it going a while longer until you’re ready to invest in a new one.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the signs that let you know that your boiler needs maintenance or repairs.

No hot water

The most obvious sign that something is not right with your boiler is that suddenly you find that there is no hot water, or heat from the radiators, or both. A lack of hot water could be because the thermostat is turned way down, like if you turned it down when you left to go on vacation, but it could also be a bigger problem.

It could also be caused by low pressure, and you can rule this out by checking your boiler’s pressure gauge. If the pressure is lower than 1, you may have a pressure issue.

A few other things that may be behind your lack of water, with the most likely culprit being a broken part or a valve that needs to be replaced. If you suspect it is a deeper issue, give your friendly Kingstree Plumber a call.

Low water pressure

If your hot water is working, but it’s coming out of the pipes very weakly, there might be a problem with your boiler’s pressure. It might be a problem with the whole house or building, so check the main line’s water pressure to rule that out.

Otherwise, a common reason for low water pressure is a leak or blockage somewhere in the system. If you suspect a leak, call a plumber in. He will use tools and his special training and experience to find and fix the problem.

Banging noises

Strange noises coming from the boiler can be very frightening, making you think you’re going to have to go without hot water and pay for a new boiler. Sometimes the air in the system can be the reason you’re hearing noises. Air can make gurgling, whistling, and banging sounds, but there may be a more serious cause of your boiler’s noises.

Banging noises can also mean that your pipes aren’t fitted correctly and they knock together as heated air and water goes through them. In that case, a plumber would need to come in to refit or adjust your pipes.

Another common cause of banging noises is pump failure. As your boiler’s pump deteriorates, it will get loud. This is something a plumber can diagnose and replace if necessary.

Is the noise coming from your central heating system? Find out what common causes of central heating system noises are.

The pilot light keeps going out

Has your pilot light gone out? Your first thought might be to just re-light it, but you should check your gas supply first. If your gas isn’t working, you need to contact your supplier.

The most common reasons for a pilot light going out are as follows:

  • A draft blew it out
  • There is build-up in the pilot light
  • The thermocouple is broken

Leaks or drips

Since your boiler’s primary function is to heat water and heated water corrodes metal faster than cool water, leaks caused by corrosion are very common. Many parts of your boiler are susceptible to corrosion both inside the boiler itself and in the valves and pipes that lead to and from it.

Finding and stopping leaks is a plumber’s specialty, so if you notice one, give your plumber a call.

There might be a simple solution, so try these things before you call in the professionals

Check the display on your boiler. It could have lights flashing or it might be displaying an error code. If it is, find out what it means by checking the manufacturer’s manual.
Reset your boiler. It’s funny how this tends to fix a lot of things, especially with computers. All you do is turn off the power, wait a minute, then turn it back on. You might find that the boiler’s power got loosened, or disconnected, or maybe the fuse in your electrical panel blew.
Check the fuel sources. Make sure that all the natural gas, water, and electrical switches are turned on. An easy way to do this is to check other appliances to see if they’re working.
In the winter, it’s possible that your condensate pipe has frozen. If the boiler senses that the pipe is frozen, it will shut down. Luckily, it’s quick and easy to thaw a frozen condensate, and it may fix the boiler problems you’ve been having.

Boiler Problems? Call Kingstree!

At Kingstree Plumbing, we know all about boilers. If you need repairs or maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Choosing a boiler can be tricky, so if you’re looking for a new boiler, we can recommend the best one for your home or business.

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