Is Your Shower Speaking To You?

Has your shower been singing instead of you lately? Have your ears constantly started ringing because your shower head keeps whistling and squealing as soon as you turn it on? Some people experience this and are suggested to wear earplugs during the shower. However, get this plumbing blunder solved by contacting the plumbing emergency service near you.


But before you can find a solution, you must understand why your shower makes a squealing noise.

Here are five reasons why!

Reason #1- Broken or Clogged Showerhead:

The water we use has many minerals that can sometimes collect in the smaller holes of the showerhead and clog them. If there is a very tiny space available and a larger pressure with which the water comes out, your showerhead will make squeaking noises.


Solution: Remove the showerhead and clean it thoroughly, opening every hole. Replace it and check if the sounds stop. If not, you may need a new showerhead which is also easy to install, or you can call a top-rated plumbing company like Kingstree Plumbing.


Reason #2- Clogged Showerhead Pipes:

The minerals in water can also be deposited in the pipe walls. When the water tries to squeeze through the tiny space, it makes squealing noises.


Solution: Remove the showerhead and clean it. If the sounds still do not stop, call a bathroom renovation company like Kingstree Plumbing, to solve the issue for you.


Reason #3- Faulty Shower Cartridge:

The squealing sounds may be due to a blocked shower cartridge if the mineral deposition is not the case. The shower cartridge is present inside the faucet assembly.


Solution: Since the shower cartridge is present inside the faucet assembly, you will not be able to do a DIY on this. It is best to call a licensed 24-hour emergency plumbing service like Kingstree Plumbing, to replace it.


Reason #4- Worn or Broken Diverter Valve:

The diverter valve is the piece you turn towards the faucet or shower to get water from them. This valve can wear out or get damaged over time and make squealing noises.


Solution: This issue is comparatively easy to resolve. All you need to do is replace the diverter valve with a new one.


Reason #5- Worn Out Showerhead Valve:

The showerhead valves are engaged in the mixer when you divert them for hot and cold water. You will either notice whistling or leaking when this valve is worn out.


Solution: You must open up the wall to reach this valve. It is best to leave it to an experienced plumber.

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