Looking To Hire A Plumber?

You will, sooner or later, need to hire a residential plumber near you, whether you are constructing a new building or are having some repairing emergency. No matter what your reason is for calling a plumbing repair service, you cannot just choose one from the search list and call them. Plumbing systems need to be handled by experts with experience to prevent any other issue from developing. You will need to consider a few factors when selecting the most suitable plumbing contractor in your area.

Here are five factors to consider while choosing a plumbing service.

Factor #1- Experience and Expertise: Experience is very crucial in plumbing as there are as many challenging and tricky problems as there are simple ones. A leak may have a source far away from it, which can be mistaken and repaired incorrectly. The water leaking into the walls can cause structural damage to your house and will be costly to repair. Along with the experience, a plumber should also have adequate training to professionally fix all the issues with a warranty in case they return. An experienced plumber will make sure you do not waste your money and time by working perfectly at once.

Factor #2- License: Most provinces in Canada require you to have a legal working permit and license to work as a plumber. The license proves that the plumber you are hiring for residential gas line installation near you or other plumbing services has the knowledge and skills to undertake the job. Moreover, working with piping and sewer systems also requires a great deal of precision that the license will prove your plumbing contractor holds. You will also have peace of mind that you are not wasting your money by hiring a plumber who does not know what they are doing. 

Factor #3- Reputation: It is a good habit to hire people with a good track record of their work. You can search the website of commercial plumbers near you and check the feedback and reviews left by their past clients. A reputable plumbing contractor will work hard to keep their clients for a long and maintain their reputation. 

Factor #4- Customer Service: Plumbing services are mostly required in emergencies. Hiring a plumber from a plumbing emergency service near you with excellent customer service will ensure that you are not stranded at such times. The team should be approachable at all times so you can rely on them for any minor or major plumbing issues.

Factor #5- Insurance: The plumber you hire must have insurance to cover any damages done by their team to your property. You should also ask for liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to avoid paying for damages incurred by workers’ negligence.

About Kingstree Plumbing

Looking for a plumber?

Check out Kingstree Plumbing! We provide commercial services, including plumbing repair, installation, water softeners, water heaters, gas fittings, sump pumps, humidifiers, and whole-house re-piping.

It’s our goal to ensure you have an operational plumbing system you can always rely on, regardless of the type of issues you may experience.

Our professional plumbers offer only quality services to you, helping you keep your plumbing systems in good operating condition with efficient repairs and replacement when necessary.

Fill out our contact form for regular services and more information, or call 780-695-2792 for emergency services.

About The Author

Darren, Founder of Kingstree Plumbing, started in the trades over thirty years ago in England and has been plumbing for 17 years. He wrote his Red Seal certification upon immigrating to Canada in 2009. Living with his family in the Sherwood Park area, Darren found a community he loved. Kingstree Plumbing grew out of a desire to give back to the community that welcomed them so graciously.

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